Introduction & Basic Features Of   STA (Smart Traffic Analyzer)
Counting and classifying vehicles and calculating
the  traffic volume  &  average speed  of  vehicles

Accident Detection

Detection of changes in traffic volume

Detection of changes in vehicles speed

Video Training (To quick start)


Timing Of Operations

Video Sources & Options

Operations & Road Parameters

System Settings
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Technical Requirements of  STA

1-  Computer Hardware & Software
2-  Camera Type
3-  Camera's angle of view & installation height
4-  Road Lighting (during night)
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Data Integration in STA ( For Development ):
It is possible to use the results of the STA Operations
in other (third party) applications for different purposes,
such as dynamic maps to visualize  traffic congestion.
So you can develop your Own Applications, and use -
STA  as the Analysis Kernel of your intended System,
that  STA  and your App  can be run on different hosts.

STA Board ( Intelligent Video Surveillance Panel ):
In case of multiple runs of STA (multiple video streams),
to monitor all images  and  the  total counting results -
on a single panel, you can use  Picomixer  STA Board.
For more information regarding  STA (Smart Traffic Analyzer),

please refer to the following documents:
      Vehicle Counter   &   Road Traffic Analyzer   Software
      The Professional System For
      Urban/Road  Traffic Management  ( &  Highway Administration )
      In order to incident detection, data collection and planning for road safety
      based  on  artificial  vision ( artificial intelligence  and  video processing )
      that  turns  any  traffic monitoring camera  into  an  advanced  A.I. Robot.

       Picomixer  STA ( Smart Traffic Analyzer )  14.6.0

      Basic Features of  STA (Smart Traffic Analyzer)

  • Automatic highway/road/street traffic analysis using artificial intelligence and video processing  ( No need for operator )
  • Counting and classification vehicles ( per direction ) in different classes, including:
                Detecting, Counting and Categorizing vehicles in 2 groups :
                 -    Light Vehicles
                 -    Heavy Vehicles
                 Detecting, Counting and Categorizing vehicles in 5 groups :
                 -    Car
                 -    Minibus
                 -    Truck
                 -    Bus
                 -    Trailer
        ( Ability to detect up to  250  vehicles simultaneously ( a unique feature of  STA )  in both directions ( suitable for multi-lane roads ) )
  • Calculating the real-time and average traffic volume
  • Calculating the average speed of vehicles
  • Incident detection including:
             -    Detecting the accidents and unusual stopped vehicles ( Including large objects falling from the back of trucks )
             -    Detecting the vehicles that moving in wrong direction ( Including illegal overtaking and move to reverse )
             -    Detection of unusual changes in traffic volume, to detecting emergencies on  road  such  as  accidents  and  road  closures
             -    Detection of unusual changes in vehicles speed, to detecting emergencies on  road  such as frozen and slippery of the road
                  ( Ability to use an additional camera to capture the pictures of incidents in another view )
  • Providing applicable reports in different forms, including charts, tables, and MS Excel files
  • Flexible to work in different operational environments
  • Ability to operate in two modes: Online (real time connection to the camera), Offline (video files)
  • Ability to use different video sources including all standard types of  IP Cameras and Analog Cameras
  • Ability to adapt to the different climates and ability to smart matching with sudden changes in weather conditions
  • Ability to integrate with popular video management systems such as Milestone XProtect and Axis Media Control
  • Ability to integrate with interactive visualization systems such as dynamic maps to visualize the road traffic congestion
  • And so on.

STA at a glance (Quick Tour)
Sample Configurations ( Ten Examples )

For each new environment, you need to configure the parameters -
and settings  of  STA  according to the new ( existing ) conditions !
In  this  Collection,  we have collected a number of  samples  from
different environments with  different height, and viewing angle of -
camera to learn how to configure the settings in different conditions.
Possibility of installing cameras
in various conditions,  such as:

- On Masts, at the road side (Recommended)
- On Buildings, in the street
- On Drones, in non-windy places

Various Reports of  STA  including:

- Various Charts
- Tables
- Total and final average pages
- MS Excel files