Purchase the license of  STA ( Smart Traffic Analyzer ) 18.0.0
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Note: Due to  COVID-19 and our  Customer Support Policy,
          for a limited time you can buy each new license only for 
          99.00 EUR  ( instead of  $ 480 USD  /  432 EUR ).
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Notes:   - There is  No annual or monthly subscriptions. You pay once for each license.
              - You can test STA using the  Free Trial Version  before purchase ( payment ).
              - Make sure it is possible for you to provide  Technical Requirements of STA.
The license validity period is  UNLIMITED.
Each license means covering  a camera  ( at the same time )  to  analysis  the  online ( real-time )  traffic -
of  a  Highway / Road / Street ( Permanently ), that can include several lanes, with  one  or  two directions.
Furthermore, you can use the license to analyze the offline traffic on the  recorded video files ( Unlimited ).


-      "A Camera"  is  not  meant  to  a  specific camera,  as  you  can  switch  between  several  cameras !
        But If you want to analyze the online ( real-time ) traffic of  the  several  highways / roads / streets  -
        ( concurrently ),  then for each Camera,  you will need an Independent license.
-       Each license is related to a specific Computer so you cannot use your license on several Computers!
        If you face any problem with the computers in the future, We have several solutions for this situation,
        For example, We will disable ( deactivate ) your previous license and we will give you a new license !
-       Discount on each purchase (each payment) will be calculated independently.


If you face any problems, or need help with  STA, you can contact our  Support Department  via e-mail,
We will do our best to help you as soon as possible.
You can always download new versions and upgrades as soon as they released ( Forever - Free ).
There is  No  annual or monthly subscriptions, you pay only once for each license ( to use forever ).

About  Licenses
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