Download the latest released version of  Picomixer  STA ( Smart Traffic Analyzer )

STA  ( Smart Traffic Analyzer  18.0.0 )  [ Portable - Trial ] 
O.S  MS Windows (XP, Server, Vista, 7, 8, 10) [32-bit & 64-bit]
The limitations imposed in the trial version :

  • Stop the operations after a few minutes  ( but it is possible to start again )

  • Unable to storing data ( results of operations ) in database  ( but it is possible to see the real-time results )

Please Note :

If this is first time that you want to configure STA,  we recommend you leave it to us,  Our experts will be your assistant.

You just need to send us a sample video ( upload and send its download link ) about 5 minutes recorded by your Camera.

Our experts will review your video file and they will send you a configuration file suitable for camera ( video conditions ).

Note: Your video (the installation height and viewing angle of your camera ) as much as possible should be comply with-

         the Technical Requirements of STA

Note: After learning and mastering the software, you just need a few minutes to configure STA (adjust the parameters-

          and settings for new cameras) .
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Download and extract the ZIP file, then copy the Root folder to your desired path, finally run  STA.exe
Do not worry if you face the "Unknown Publisher" message, this will be automatically fixed after the first run.
You can analyze up to 10 Cameras (10 real-time video streams) by registering 10 licenses on each machine.